Lower Body Videos

Power starts from the ground up, so it's important for athletes to train their lower body with complex movements that tax different muscle groups in various ways. Whether you're trying to Squat more or just looking for more exercises to add to your routine, we've got plenty of specifics to help you learn why training your lower body is important and tips for how to do it more effectively.

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Lateral Explosion With UNC Men's Soccer

The Tar Heel men's soccer team work on their lateral explosion with Ice Skaters, with explanation by Greg Gatz, director of strength and conditioning for Olympic Sports at the University of North Carolina.

Lower-Body Joint Stabilization With NFL RB Ryan Mathews

To prepare the lower body for more demanding movements, San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews performs a Single-Leg Squat with coaching by corrective exercise specialist Scott Mitchell.

Increase Hamstrings and Glute Strength With Gordon Beckham

See how Chicago White Sox second baseman Gordon Beckham strengthens his hamstrings and glutes with the Dumbbell Single-Leg RDL with trainer Mike Berenger.

Improve Swing Strength With Evan Longoria

Tampa Bay Rays slugger Evan Longoria builds long-ball power by performing BOSU Med Ball Rotational Throws as part of his spring training strength program.

How to Perform the Weighted Bulgarian Squat

Tampa Bay Rays All-Star Evan Longoria performs a Weighted Bulgarian Squat to improve lower body strength and explosiveness during spring training.

Texas A&M Track and Field: Proper Lifting Technique

Allen Kinley, director of strength and conditioning for Olympic and team sports at Texas A&M, explains how focusing on form--and not weight--for a Front Squat can teach proper movement mechanics.

Explosive Jumps With Texas A&M Track and Field

Allen Kinley, director of strength and conditioning for Olympic and team sports at Texas A&M, explains how to perform the Dumbbell Step-Up and how it simulates explosive movement for jumpers.

Lower Body Speed Work With the Texas A&M Track Team

The Texas A&M Track and Field throwers perform the Plate Jump to focus on speed and explosive power work for their lower body while director of strength and conditioning for Olympic and team sports Allen Kinley explains the proper technique.

Devin Harris Develops a Strong Defensive Stance

To recruit lower body strength and stability, New Jersey Nets guard Devin Harris performs a Three-Way Med Ball Lunge as part of his in-season circuit training.

Ndamukong Suh's Lower-Body Auxiliary Lifts

Ndamukong Suh finishes a grueling training session with Lance Walker at Michael Johnson Performance by supersetting Single-Leg Phsyioball Hamstring Curls with Rear-Foot-Elevated Split Squats to increase hip flexibility and glute/hamstring strength.