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The Genius Football Equipment Trick Christian McCaffrey Learned From His NFL-Playing Dad

If you're a young football player, there are plenty of advantages to having a dad who played in the NFL. They can teach you the same fundamentals, min...

By: Brandon Hall

The 2017 Ultimate Football Gear Guide

You've spent the offseason pushing your body to the limit. You've memorized every inch of your playbook. You've envisioned the success you and your te...

By: Brandon Hall

Could This Futuristic Football Helmet Stem the Concussion Epidemic?

Chiming Huang had a theory. In 2012, as a part of a graduate research project, Huang and a few colleagues were attempting to understand the effects t...

By: Jordan Zirm

An Inside Look at the Training Camp Care Package Drew Rosenhaus Sent to NFL Stars like Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski

Training camp sucks. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a football player who disagrees with that statement. However, training camp is a ...

By: Brandon Hall

TESTED: Is Wilson's X Connected Football Really 'Smarter'?

Even the most passive football fan can see the difference between a tightly-wound spiral and a flailing, wounded duck. But even a blue chip QB recruit...

By: Brandon Hall

How 7 Popular NFL Rookies Chose Their New Numbers

Photo via For an athlete, few things hold as much intrinsic value as their jersey number. Behind every number is a story, and ...

By: Brandon Hall

How to Win $50,000 for Your High School's Athletic Program

Has your team taken on challenges and overcome adversity? Have coaches and teammates bonded together to surpass obstacles and achieve things y...

By: STACK Staff

UCLA Unveils New 'City' Football Uniforms for 2015

Another day, another new uniform for the UCLA Bruins. It seems the 2015 college football season is the year they go big with their on-field fashio...

By: Jordan Zirm

Check Out Notre Dame's All-Green 'Shamrock Series' Uniforms For 2015

Notre Dame gets to do something pretty cool this season: they will take on Boston College at Fenway Park on Nov. 21. To celebrate the occasion, Un...

By: Jordan Zirm

The Under Armour Highlight MC Football Cleat

First thing you'll notice about the Under Armour Highlight MC is that it's high. Super-high. And that's not just for show. The ankle sleeve is calle...

By: Jordan Zirm