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The Maniacal Work Ethic That Made Alabama's Collin Sexton a Five-Star Recruit

Collin Sexton really wasn't supposed to be here. He wasn't supposed to be averaging 21.7 points per game as a freshman. He wasn't supposed to be th...

By: Brandon Hall

7 Things to Avoid When Writing a Cover Letter to a College Coach

As we learned in our article how to write a cover letter to a college coach, the very best way to introduce yourself to a coach is with a personalized...


Follow This Template to Create the Perfect College Recruiting Video

Before you're offered a spot on a college team, the coach will usually want to see you play in person. While a highlights video isn't a substitute for...

By: CaptainU

This is the Best Time to Start Your College Recruiting Process

The recruiting timeline is a subject of great confusion. Rumors spread like wildfire, people make uninformed decisions, and it often results in...

By: CaptainU

How to Develop a Productive Relationship With a Potential College Coach

Go ahead—talk to coaches about that big tournament you're attending. But don't stop there. Don't disappear just because the tournament is over. Long...

By: CaptainU

[PODCAST] Building an Athlete Strength Training Program With Mark Rippetoe

Fully committing yourself to your sport as an athlete is something that most people think means practice, practice, practice. It turns out, as our guest...

By: CaptainU

How to Narrow Down Your College List

It's time to trim that college list. You're a junior or senior bringing that batch of eight or ten schools down to the final choice. Use the tools...

By: CaptainU

6 Questions to Ask Before Creating Your College List

Committing to a college that aligns with your goals can be a daunting task when you're first getting started, but it doesn't have to be. With a free...

By: CaptainU

[Podcast] St. Louis Cardinals Sport Psychologist Jason Selk Discusses the Qualities That Help Athletes and Teams Win Championships

We go behind the scenes with sports psychologist and Cardinals mental training director Jason Selk, who helps us understand how they did it. If you...

By: CaptainU

[Podcast] Top NBA Trainer Ganon Baker Explains What Sets the Top NBA Players Apart From the Pack

What separates players like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant from the rest? We speak with one of their private coaches Ganon Baker on what...

By: CaptainU