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How to Change Your Basketball Body Language for the Better

You don't have to speak to send a message. While there's no section for it in the box score, body language can have a huge impact on an athlete's p...

Why USA Basketball Wants Youth Coaches to Stop Using Zone Defenses

Zone defenses don't develop great defenders. That's why USA Basketball recently recommended zone defenses be avoided for youth players between the ...

5 Steps to Becoming a Better Finisher Around The Rim

Finishing around the basket. Consistently converting on your close-range opportunities can help you fill up the stat sheet in a hurry and open thin...

LeBron's Epic Motivational Speech to His Son's AAU Team: 'If You Don't Want to Play a Role, Play Tennis or Golf'

LeBron James isn't your average sports parent. While we would dissuade most parents from jumping into their son's pre-game huddle and delivering a ...

How Treadmills Helped West Virginia Basketball Build Their Terrorizing Press Defense

West Virginia basketball is known for suffocating defense. In recent years, the Mountaineers have utilized an aggressive press defense that sees th...

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Erik Phillips’ Youth Training Philosophy

Owner of SportXcel and S+C coach for the Phoenix Suns Erik Phillips discusses his training philosophy for younger athletes and how it coincides with his training for the pros.

Youth Invatational 2004

Me balling at Heathrow Youth invatational 2004, wrong date on footage, it says 2002