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Improve Your Footwork With Tips From the Man With the World's Fastest Feet

Watching Luis Badillo Jr. move through a speed ladder looks fake. It seems impossible that a person can move with such speed and precision that you ha...

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Inside The High School Workouts That Forged Myles Garrett's Greatness

You can say Myles Garrett's talents are entirely God-given. You can believe his incredibly chiseled physique is purely genetic. You can assume that if...

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8 Drills For Building NFL-Style Speed and Explosiveness

Speed kills. Perhaps this fact is no more apparent than in football. A football field is only 100 yards long and 53.33 yards wide. The faster a pla...

By: Brandon Hall

5 Basketball Footwork Drills

Good footwork and agility are keys to success on the court. To be effective on both offense and defense, you need the ability to change direction whil...

By: Mike Meister

9 Instagram Athletic Freaks You Need to Follow Immediately

Instagram is filled with amazing people. Crazy, insane, amazing people. A number of individuals have built massive Instagram followings, almost...

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Try This Speed Ladder Warm Up From NFL CB Chris Harris Jr.

See how a Super Bowl Champion uses the speed ladder to get his body ready to play.

Rapid Cuts and Explosive Change of Direction for Soccer in the adiPure Trainer

Athletes' Performance founder and owner Mark Verstegen discusses the Six-Way Hip exercise and explains how soccer players will benefit by performing the drill in the adiPure Trainer.

Texas A&M Women's Soccer adiPure Trainer Drills

The Texas A&M Women's Soccer team performs exercises in the adiPure Trainer, which helps them develop ankle and foot strength for improved speed and quickness.

Vince Young's Quarterback Footwork Training

Vince Young demonstrates how a quarterback can improve his footwork in the pocket by performing his Footwork Frenzy drill. Vince's off-season performance coach James Cooper provides step-by-step instruction.

Tim Beckham Broken Speed Ladder Variations

As part of a Dynamic Warm-Up, Tampa Bay Rays future star Tim Beckham performs Broken Speed Ladder Variations with coaching by Tripp Smith of Competitive Edge Sports.