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Unlock Greater Athleticism and Durability With 3 Adductor-Strengthening Exercises

Any athlete who competes in a sport that involves dynamic cutting and change of direction is susceptible to groin injuries. Strength coaches have lear...

3 Exercises to Rehab a Groin Pull

A twist to the right, a sharp turn  or a pivot could set you up to score—or mess up your groin. Ranging from mild strains to sports-induced hernias...

2 Groin Exercises That Will Improve Agility and Prevent Injuries

Slideboard Side squat Aside from those god-awful adduction/abduction machines which gather dust in the corners far displaced from the other equipment,...

How to Treat the Nagging Groin Pain Known as Pectineus Muscle Soreness

Prevention and Recovery Tips for Common Pectineus Muscle Soreness By Jim Carpentier, CSCS A common complaint from athletes in many sports is pectineus...

3 Off-Ice Exercises to Prevent Hockey Hip Injuries

Research has shown that over 90% of recorded groin and abdominal strain injuries in the NHL occur in non-contact situations. Even worse, the amount of...

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STACK Sports Health: How to Rehab a Groin Pull

Dr. Matt Stevens provides a three-exercise strategy to rehab a groin injury.

Lower-Body Prehab With NFL RB Ryan Mathews

For Lower-Body Prehab, San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews performs an Adductor Stretch, Standing Calf Raises and Single-Leg, Three-Way Balance Reach with coaching by corrective exercise specialist Scott Mitchell.

Quarterback Slideboard Drill With Drew Brees

New Orleans Saints All-Pro quarterback Drew Brees performs the Slideboard With Catches during the off-season with coaching by Todd Durkin.

Steve Gregory Bodyweight Leg Circuit

Steve Gregory, safety for the San Diego Chargers, performs a Bodyweight Leg Circuit with coaching by Jeff Hurd.

NFL DB Core Strength: Steve Gregory Physioball Hip Rolls

San Diego Chargers safety Steve Gregory performs Physioball Hip Rolls with coaching by Jeff Hurd.