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CaptainU Recruit of the Week: Nicolo Depaoli

CaptainU athlete Nicolo Depaoli is heading into his senior lacrosse season this spring at Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville, Georgia. Nico is ...

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CaptainU Recruit of the Week: Erin Hetherington

Erin Hetherington is a 5-foot-10 setter from Roanoke, Virginia and a user of CaptainU recruiting tools. This past summer, Erin accomplished her go...

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7 Things to Avoid When Writing a Cover Letter to a College Coach

As we learned in our article how to write a cover letter to a college coach, the very best way to introduce yourself to a coach is with a personalized...


Follow This Template to Create the Perfect College Recruiting Video

Before you're offered a spot on a college team, the coach will usually want to see you play in person. While a highlights video isn't a substitute for...

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