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Air Force Study Confirms Efficacy of Vision Training

As an athlete, you've probably heard about ways to improve your reaction time and eye-hand coordination and wondered if they are effective. To fin...

By: Skyword

3 Air Force Exercises to Improve Your Vision

Athletes at the Air Force Academy have been performing cadet vision training exercises for more than a decade, with impressive results. The first y...

By: Skyword

How to Join the Air Force as an Officer

Thinking about joining the Air Force? If you're the captain of a sports team, president of a club or just enjoy the challenge of leading others, con...

By: Dustin Brady

Want to Become a Better Leader? Start Being a Better Follower

Leadership advice is plentiful for those who seek it. At your local bookstore, you'll find shelves full of advice and counsel from athletes, coaches...

By: Dustin Brady