Top NBA Draft Prospect Michael Porter Jr. Has Gone Full Vegan

No more Chipotle.

A back injury robbed college hoops fans from getting to watch Michael Porter Jr. play meaningful basketball for the Missouri Tigers last season, but come October, he'll make his highly anticipated debut for whichever NBA team selects him in the upcoming draft.

Despite missing almost the entirety of the season as he recovered from back surgery, Porter Jr. revamped his entire diet because of it. In an interview with GQ, the forward revealed that he linked up with a nutritionist precisely because he'd been experiencing back and nerve pain. That nutritionist, Dr. Douglas Graham, took Porter's diet from vegetarian to full vegan.

"Within a couple of days, I noticed a difference with my energy and recovery, and had less soreness after workouts," Porter said of his diet change. "When you eat the raw diet, it's a completely anti-inflammatory diet. That's why many people start to feel old and can't move as well—their joints begin to get inflamed, and a lot of that is because of how they eat. Dr. Graham is 65, and he's deadlifting and bench-pressing more than I can."

Porter lives on smoothies made of ingredients like bananas, hemp seeds, almond milk and greens, snacks on clementines and nuts and avocado salads. He says it's helped to completely eliminate his back pain.

The only downside of Porter's new diet? He can't go to Chipotle anymore.

"It breaks my heart to say it, but my relationship with Chipotle is over for good," he said.