All 7 Game-Winning Plays From a Crazy Week 4 of NFL Action

Of the 13 NFL games played on Sunday, an incredible seven were decided by a field goal or less. Here's how it all went down.

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For football fans, Week 4 of NFL action was pure ecstasy.

Among the 13 NFL games that were played on Sunday, an amazing seven were decided by a field goal or less.

Three of those games also went to overtime.

They say it's a game of inches, and we certainly saw that maxim come to life this weekend.

And perhaps best of all, there were no ties! We have a bold decision by the Indianapolis Colts to thank for that, even if said decision horribly backfired.

Without further adieu, here are the seven game-wining plays from this week's craziest NFL games.

Photo Credit: NFL, Scott Cunningham/Getty Images


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