5 Drills Every Quarterback Should Know

STACK Expert Brad Thompson offers 5 simple, fast-paced drills for quarterbacks at all levels.

QB Practice

Over the years, specialized quarterback training has developed young passers, helping them become more skilled than ever before at throwing the football. With all quarterbacks, consistent, repeatable mechanics are vital to success. Like all things, practice makes perfect; thousands of repetitions are needed to develop the muscle memory requisite to becoming elite. The following drills are both fast-paced and simple enough for even the most inexperienced quarterbacks.

Drop Drill

  • Stand along the sideline with your back to the field.
  • Simulate taking a snap and dropping back to pass.
  • Focus on keeping the ball high and your eyes up as you move.
  • Since you are moving down the length of a yard line, it is easy to tell if you are drifting in your drop.

Pocket Movement

  • Take a three- or five-step drop before hitching up in the pocket, sliding across the pocket, or spinning out to your blind side.
  • Throughout any movement, focus on keeping the ball high and your eyes downfield.

Throwing Progression

  • Kneel on your throwing knee five yards from your partner.
  • Focus on proper mechanics and a smooth release.
  • After ten passes, stand and move back to ten yards. Plant both feet shoulder-width apart, facing your partner.
  • Without moving your feet, twist your torso and make a strong throw.

This QB drill is good for building arm strength because the lower half of the body is not used in the throwing motion. Increase the distance by five yards every five or ten throws, using only your lower body until you can no longer make a good throw without it.

Pat and Go

During this fast-paced warm-up drill, the quarterback simulates a snap and pats the ball with his non-throwing hand, sending a receiver into a predetermined route.

  • Take the appropriate drop and make a strong, accurate throw.
  • Lining up the quarterbacks next to each other allows this drill to move fast.
  • As soon as a pass is thrown, the next quarterback begins his drop.

Routes on Air

  • In this drill, five quarterbacks can work simultaneously.
  • All quarterbacks take an appropriate drop for the play called.
  • Each quarterback is assigned to throw to a specific receiver.
  • Repeat each play so that each quarterback throws every route before moving on to the next play.

This is an ideal way to incorporate as many players as possible into a quarterback drill, avoiding the common problem of players standing around during practice instead of improving.

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